O. vulgaris
Jun 16, 2008

I have been trying to convince myself that i will be alright with the Protein skimmer I am looking into for my system. However I am STILL 'on edge' about its size as opposed to the bio load of the Ceph and System size.

To give you a brief example of what I have read so far on these forums. Cephs need three times (x3) the amount of filtration that fish need, manufacturers often over estimate the efficency of there products and so state that they can handle larger systems when in theory they cannot.

Here is the Question, if your total system volume is around 1,135L would you at least need to get a protein skimmer rated for three times this volume (3,400L)? Even with that, SOME manufacturers rate there skimmers at 3-4 times the real load they can handle so multiplying 3,400L by that...

Is this realistic or am I just going way over the top, the 3,400L itself seems rather large and a skimmer rated at that size is going to be big, any help here would be good

P.S. The skimmer I am looking into at the moment is rated for 1,500L

Cheers :cool2:

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