Colossal Squid
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Oct 19, 2003
Dear all,

Trying to make sense of early ceph evolution, I came across a series of papers dating back as far as 1953 on putting two and two together on Volborthella. I couldn't find a lot of information related to this fossil in the fossils section, but that may tell us a lot more about my datamining skills than about the available info on the site...

My main interest would currently lie with trying to get hold of a copy of: Lower Cambrian fossil Volborthella; the whole truth or just a piece of the beast?, Signor and Ryan, Geology, 1993; 21: 805-808.

I am not a subscriber... Before going for an interlibrary loan, however, I thought it prudent to check with you guys to see what the latest status of this beasty is.

Thanks a mil in advance, now off to program my hard drive for registering tonight's walking with monsters!

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