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May 30, 2000
I received the following via email today. Robert is a good friend of TONMO.com. Thank you for keeping him in your thoughts and prayers.


Please could I leave this message for the attention of Tony on behalf Robert Williams - aka Octobloke.

Robert has asked if you could please put a message from him on the Noticeboard regarding the below content.

Thank you.

Robert apologises to everyone for not keeping up-to-date recently with Tonmo Website, unfortunately, he has not been very well at all due to his heart. Unfortunately, he was rushed into his local Hospital this week on Tuesday early hours, because he collapsed at home. He is being moved to Southampton General Hospital this weekend, and will be having his Open-Heart Surgery Wednesday/Thursday of this coming week.

He hopes that everyone can send their well wishes to him, and is looking forward to being back on his feet very soon, and will be able to catch up on any news on Tonmo.

Thank you for posting this on the Noticeboard.

This has been sent on behalf of Rob from his Girlfriend.

Hang in there, Octobloke (his image):

Get well Robert!

Wishing you all the best and look forward to your hearing from you on the sunny side.

You take care and all my best wishes.

best wishes from out here in the desert too, Richard...We'll all be thinking of you ! Get well soon !
Back home

Thank you to all who have wished me well after my recent trip to hospital. I am, as you can see, back at home and sat reading TONMO again. Thanks especially go to Phil and all involved for the Get Well Soon card which is sat on my mantlepiece as I write.


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