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*UPDATED!* Thomas is doing FANTASTIC!


Mar 19, 2005
Hi! I'm so excited I don't know where to begin. Thomas has progressed even faster than I anticipated. He is completely used to me now and comes over and checks us out! I have some amazing pics to show, he is SO COOL!!

I have patiently been working with him, giving him a few hours of alone time coupled with 10-15, sometimes 30 minutes, of me being in the general sight of his den so he could see me, as well as showing him various objects to pique his curiosity.

It has finally paid off. FINALLY, his curiousity got the better of him, and he just HAD to come check out the ferret ball, blue pen, and some other objects I kept showing him. It also helped showing him me holding a crab so he would realize I am the one putting the food in the tank ;)

Next post I start the pic parade :D
Ok here's the first shot, I chanced using the flash when he first came out tonight:

Here's Thomas exploring the Pirate Chest:

Here's the Ferret Toy that he couldn't stand just looking at from afar:

Here's Thomas, too curious about the camera :D

(More pics next post)
Here's a couple shots of Thomas checking out the hamster tunnel:



Here's Thomas checking out the live rock:


(More pics next post)
Here's Thomas, curious as usual about the strange blue thing I'm holding ;):


Here's Thomas enjoying the PVC pipe and, as usual, too curious for his own good about my silver camera :D:


And lastly, here's Thomas checking out the Ferret Toy again:


I'm happy as a clam! Err...Octopus! :D
Fantastic Thomas pics - he looks really curious about everything.

You'll reap rewards for spending some time with him each day and showing him toys and letting him get to know you better.

Excellent shots! You can see how curious he is!! One thought...do you have a macro seting on your camera? May help with the blurriness and I think that's good not to flash him too much. G2 hated the flash. If I forgot and used it for a pic, he would go away and sulk!

Congratulations on such a healthy and friendly octo! Looks like he's coming along beautifully.

I've got my tank right next to the couch and loveseat in my livingroom, so I'll sit on the couch reading or watching mine for a while each day. I think that the regular, peaceful exposure is very helpful in getting them used to your presence. I've already got mine snatching food from my hand in just over a week!
cthulhu77 said:
Nice to see such a happy octo...congrats!!!

I was finally able to get some better shots tonight. These were taken with TWO hands on the camera :wink2: , and a couple with the macro setting on. These are probably the best shots yet:



Cool pics of Thomas, looking forward to see his progress. I wish I lived in Southern California so I could give Octopets a visit. Thanks for the pictures and the info on your tour at Octopets :smile:

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