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Update on Alexandra


O. bimaculoides
Oct 9, 2007
First of all thank you everyone who tried to help, Alexandra will not make it through the day. She has white spots all over her, and is upside down not moving. Her breathing is very slow now. I was hopeful for as long as I could be. Next time I will be a lot more careful of age when I purchase. We had about 6 weeks with her and she was so much fun. I guess this is the downside of octopus keeping. Again thank you everyone for your help!
Sorry about Alexandra. :sad:

She was remarkably interactive. I don't think we've had an octopus before that actually tried to put shells or food in her keeper's hand.

Thank you Nancy, I am a pansy, and have been crying for 2 days.. Even now, she is trying so hard to flip over when she sees me, she just can't.
There are a lot of deep emotions when your octopus passes away. People become very attached to them, even if they've had their octopus for only a short time.

Octopuses simply do not live very long, which is the downside. This would have happened in the ocean as well. You did have a wonderful time with her, and she seemed to enjoy her life with you, too.

I'm really sad to hear it. The hardest thing about ceph-keeping is that they have such short lives and a natural "end of life" biology that's so dramatic.

Thanks for sharing the stories of your time with her, and rest assured that this isn't because of anything you've done.
She is gone now, wow it almost seems a releif considering the horrible end. My boyfriend bought me a tiny octopus last night to try and cheer me up, I have VERY mixed feelings about it, but now what do I do? It is here. I suppose I will have another friend around, hopefully a little longer. Thank you everyone for sharing your knowledge and sympathy.
So sorry to hear about Alexandra but anyways congratulations on your new friend and try not to let Alexandra's death get in the way of your new friendship with your new octo, and i hope you feel better soon.
Thank you! Yes the water levels have been tested, and are perfect. I also removed many shells from food that Alexandra had been hoarding in her den. Alexandra was quite large for a pygmy when we got her, the new octopus is only the size of a dime balled up. But small as she is the first thing she did was pull off the couple snails stuck to the wall and leave them on the sand lol.. She has found a small shell, and has carried it around for the few hours she has been in the tank. Now she is asleep still clinging on to it. This octopus seems to have no fear of humans either. But I think that she may be a 2 spot, she is just so small I can't tell for sure. Any suggestions for a name? Also Tonmo has been a life saver! It is awesome to find so many people willing to take time from their day to awnser questions!!!

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