Underwater shooting game?

Hey, everybody! I'm back from a very stressful couple of weeks. My leopard gecko had abcesses on her face. Not pretty. They were drained, though, and she is fine now.

Anyway, that arcade game is very fun. Any other ceph games out there?

Not nearly as stressed out as he was earlier,
Architeuthoceras said:
Leisure Suit Larry: In The Land Of The Lounge Lizards

was and still is No. 1

Kevin my friend :biggrin2: , much that is pains me to disagree with your illustrious goodself, I must insist that
Tracksuit Trevor of "Day of the Dangle Berries" fame is way the best with
Victor Proctor, Llama doctor in "Siege at Macchu Pichu" (which inspired "Hamburger Hill" ) a close second !


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