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umm...umm.... i need some help for my octo tank


Jan 1, 2004
OK....i just moved to ANOTHER ROOM and we are moving my furni into it and now im almost ready to set up my tank and all...problem is i dont know how. IM going to try to get someone at LFS to help me but id like some help from you guys too.

PS- Sorry i havent been on much lately...my computer got some kind of virus and it got messed up but its getting fixed so i can be on tonmo more.
No sweat, but we need more information...how long was the tank down? did you save the original water? If you broke the tank down more than five days ago, you are going to need to go through the cycling process again...
There is an entire section then , devoted to your questions...look on your upper left ,the banner ceph care...it has complete layouts for you...
good luck on the new tank, and be sure to enter it into the database!

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