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[Octopus]: Twitch....Octopus ?


Colossal Squid
Staff member
Nov 20, 2002
So I had put 3 fish in my 70 gallon tank, a green bird wrasse, a dusky jawfish and a green manderin. Jess and I went to PA last weekend, not intending to go to Lancaster but ended up at that pet place. I did not even go to the saltwater section first but was looking at reptiles when my daughter came running up to me excitely saying Mom.....they have one. So next stop is get a number and we leave with this rather good size pissed off octopus. He displayed the curled front two arms at us as he was being abused by the young girl trying to bag him which is a whole nother story where even jess said mom this is painful to watch and i had to step in and help. Anyway Twitch, twitches hence his name. He is living in a temporary pethome in my 70 till I decide which tank needs fish relocated. Hes eating crabs and prawn and has such an attitude and eyespots and curled up about the size of an orange. Note the massive texture!!

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