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Trying to get my Octopus to eat frozen food

I tried the scallops again last night and this morning. Ripley will grab it, take it in her den and then gets realy pissed off. She will carry it out on a rock and fed it to the damsel. I tried shrimp also this morning and she rejected that too. I decided to let her go hungry till tonight. I'll show her!! Yeah right....

reefer911 said:
what about extreme garlic it works great for the fish really gets em going has anyone tried this product on cephs.


I've seen a couple of different sites touting the advantages of garlic in a tank, curing diseases, making the fish grow faster, and helping to adjust ph levels. Same with Vitamin C.

I've got some ocean from property in in Oklahoma if you interested, too. :thumbsup: :lol: :smile:

I tried both on various occasions and circumstances, without noticable effect.
I hate to be a killjoy here but it may be that your octi just will not eat dead food! I know some do and some species are more likely to than others (ours for example would starve to death first!!!) but I think there is some individual variation too. Keep trying but there may come a time when you just have to bight the bullet anf get some live feeder crabs or risk losing Ripley.


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