Trusty my cuttlefish @ 5 months


Blue Ring
Apr 23, 2003
Hi there! Hope you'll like the pics of my Trusty. 5 mths with me so far :biggrin2: (no idea how long were it's free-ranging days though). It used to be a ferocious hunter, now it prefers to sit pretty n wait to be hand fed. :roll:

It usually displays brown but can go from creamy white to dark chocolate.
I chose 3 pics of Trusty displaying diff colours here.

Cheers, LS
Nice pics L S, he is a Latimanus right? He reminds me of Zoidberg, I only had him for 4 months.
Anyway, trusty looks like hes still a juvenille, and will have a long time more(50cm ML). As he becomes larger, he'll start showing nicer colours like red, right now hes just acting like a mangrove leaf (3rd pic).
Great shots! I may have to set up another tank and have one of these some day!!! Place in Pa, has them from time to time :smile: !

Thanks guys :smile:

Joel, yes it should be a Sp. Latimanus. N I was glad to hv gotten it small. Hope to provide the best conditions for it to reach its full life span.

Carol, where is Pa? :?:

Cheers, LS
Pennsylvania!!! And it was several years ago I saw one at That Pet Place. Could have been an adult from what I hear what's available here in the states. I've been meaning to put a call in to see if any are available and then I need to start another salt tank!


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