Truffles passed away last night.

Jan 31, 2003
Well I got up this morning and Truffles was at the front of the tank curled up and upside down. :frown: He was due for a water change yesterday and he had spent the day inside his shell. He usually hides out in there but he wouldn't come out yesterday for me or for the crab I put in the tank. Up until yesterday he had been playful and a hungry predator. I did a water change last night and everything seemed just fine. But this morning, he was gone. I'm a little mad this time around since Roxy did so good and this little guy only lasted a month and a half. I think It's gonna be a while before I try again. I may wait until after we move in July and set up a 70 gallon. We'll see, but no plans for right now. John
I am so sorry to hear this. :cry: I guess some are just not as strong as others, sounds like there's nothing you could have done.

Truffles was a fine little octopus and we enjoyed the photos of him.

Hope you don't give up - Carol lost Lil Pumpkin, but Inklet is doing fine.

:frown: I am so sorry to hear about Truffles. Wonder what happened...Don't give up! You had great success with Roxy, and maybe something was not quite right with Truffles. There is such a high mortality rate in the wild, and as someone said to me when Lil Pumpkin passed, we maybe giving these babies a chance they maynot have had in the wild!

Anyway, I'm so sorry!!!

Thanks for all the condolences, I appreciate it. I guess it could have been water quality but then again it could have just been Truffles. I'll definitely get another but I'm not rushing it. John
Take things a step at a time, try to find if there is anything wrong on your side, if there isn't ( which I believe so), there was just nothing you could have done.

RIP Truffles :cry:
Sideways, I'm very sorry to hear this too.

Chin up, old chap.


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