Truffles it is...

Jan 31, 2003
Truffles it seems, will be the name of our new bimac. Named after my girlfriends favorite little chocolate that she also recieved on Valentines Day. Sorry no pics yet, must get girlfriend to bring home digital camera from work tomorrow. It's weird how they explore the tank completely at first and once they are satisfied they go into hiding. We just see little arms wiggling out from under the rocks and puffs of sand shoot out as Truffles performs house keeping. T's popped out a couple times to say hi, but doesn't stay for long.
Truffles is a fine name! A Valentine octopus :smile:

Sounds like T. is doing quite well and is making himself comfortable. Looking forward to the pics!

Yes I saw your pics, they only took me about 4 hours to load :bonk: not really. I wish truffles would like to be a model, maybe he'll get his nerve up by tomorrow. I have yet to hear from Jim...I'm telling you, he won't have anything to do with me now that he's got my money. :P
Just fine, still very shy. We just see bits and pieces of him during the day. Last night about 5 minutes after we cut the lights off, I cut the bedroom light back on and he was out playing on the front glass. He let us sit there and watch him for a few minutes and then we left him alone. When is he going to learn that he's supposed to be a diurnal octopus? I think the 6 or 7 little crabs in the tank have all disapeared.

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