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O. vulgaris
Mar 25, 2004
I have read about the amazing intelligence of cephelapods but i want to (capitalize on it) if thats the right word. what should i do to stimulate the mind? what tricks can i teach him to show to other people to prove they are so smart? thanks guys
The best bet seems to visit any toysrus store...look for those childsafe kids toys...lots of potential !
No, not really...they tend to be interested in everything new...and I am sure there are ways of putting food items into toys...just ask Carol!
Octopuses have different personalities, too. Other than playing tug of war with the feeding stick, I could never get Ollie interested in playing with toys. She had her favorite possessions and slept with an arm around her little glass bottle with a shell in it. But...she did like to play any game with me, my hands, coming my and touching me with one sucker as she passed - lots of things like that. Her intelligence was apparent in her interaction with me, how she watched me and was able to help me retrieve things (handing them back to me).

Ink, on the other hand. loved her lego block. Carol will have to tell you about the other toys she's been successful with.

how do i talk to carol? and also do they get to come out more as they get older cuz i never really see him but the clams i put in are always opend when i get back but i never see him really...
You could probably just ask her a question right here, but also, you can go to the private messages (it probably says "you have no new messages" in the blue box above) and send her a message. She is corw314.

i asked but do far i still cant find anything that will work i guess i wil let him be. oh and also are octopii known for their sensitivity to salinity changes (rapid) or are theyh about equal with other inverts?
Octopuses or octopods... octopii implies that it is a latin name, however Octopus comes from the greek... hence the lack of ii's

Anyhoo, Octo's tend to prefer higher salinities i've found, around 37 ppm rather than our natural water (here anyway) of around 32.

They will be pretty sensitive I think, never tested it myself but things like salinity, temperature and pH all have pretty big effects!

Also remember that salinity is affected by temperature!


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