Tremoctopus violaceus

A good paper to start with is:
Thomas, R.F. 1977. Systematics, distribution, and biology of cephalopods of the genus Tremoctopus (Octopoda: Tremoctopodidae). Bulletin of Marine Science 27(3): 353-392.

I redescribed another species, T. robsonianus Kirk, in 1999
O’Shea, S. 1999. The Marine Fauna of New Zealand: Octopoda (Mollusca: Cephalopoda). NIWA Biodiversity Memoir 112: 280pp.

Or check out the following
Love that costs a leg or two

You are bound to find all manner of citations to species of Tremoctopus with a web search.
Dr. Gross:

I was told yesterday of a Tremoctopus that washed ashore on Maui. It has been collected by the Bishop Museum. I don't know if it was a male or female. I was told that by someone that it is believed to be rare in Hawaii, but I don't know myself.

Here's the contact info for the museum:

There's actually a very nice paper titled:
Young, R.E. 1995. Aspects of the natural history of pelagic cephalopods of the Hawaiian mesopelagic-boundary region. Pacific Science 49(2): 143-155.

Wherein an in situ observed Tremoctopus 'sp.' was sighted by submersible off Hawaii. Dick Young (p. 150) cites that 'small individuals of T. violaceus were not uncommon in neuston tows, but only 10 (8-32mm ML) were taken in IK tows'. I believe that this was the first reported in situ Tremoctopus known to science.
Not to worry Gayla; there has been many a time that I have gone hunting for my glasses, only to find I was actually wearing them (5-or-so minutes later, after a fruitless search).

I am a big time greenhorn I am very interested in Tremoctopus but I don't know how I would go about getting any of the papers suggested in this forum. If someone could please help me out I'd be much abliged.

Michael :meso:

First, welcome to TONMO!

You will love the university library, where you can probably get many of these papers. If they don't have these papers or anything else you want, they'll borrow them from another school via "interlibrary loan." Befriend the librarians, they will get everything you could ask for!

Some museums and research centers have libraries and offer use of them for a membership or other sort of fee. These are sometimes discounted for students and volunteers. Ask at the NRCC.

It sounds like you're in the right place, with a uni that offers marine bio and the NRCC nearby!


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