[Octopus Eggs]: Trappers Grandchildren - Tank Bred Mercatoris

RIP Wiley. :angelpus:

Sorry D. :sad:

That was quite an impressive run you had there! Sorry we couldn't have worked something out between your line and ours. We have learned so much from Trapper and her offspring... Thanks to you! :notworth:
It is a bit strange only having eight arms in my aquariums. I am heavily thinking aculeatus but have not commited. I may wait an see how many cuttles Paradox has after they are eating frozen ... The 15 gallon will likely stay available for a dwarf of some kind ... Neal says something will come up to make my choice clear (and I was the one brought up Presbyterian :razz:) and right now I have room for all three!
:goodbye:Sorry to hear, D. It's great that you had such a great and productive run! I'm jealous of the time you've gotten with your octos, I'm holing out for a large egged octo after this next round of aculeatus babies. Not to push you into anything before you are ready, I've really enjoyed the time I've had with aculeatus, I just wish I'd had better luck with finding a younger one!
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