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May 30, 2000
Hi TONMOers - this week is our 12th Anniversary at TONMO! We introduced a few enhancements over the weekend to mark the occasion, detailed below. *THANKS* to all TONMO Staff, Supporters, members and fans for making TONMO the best cephalopod community IN THE WORLD


Summary of changes


  • Introduced the Activity Stream under "What's New" tab. This lets you see all the things that are new in one view (blogs, articles, album pics, etc.). "New Posts" is now a sub-menu item.
  • Updated the Android app in the Google Play store
  • Display Reputation in User Profiles, and notifications for reputation changes
  • added an Articles tab and dedicated page and emoved article navigation section from left margin of homepage.


  • Reordered Forum category listings on Forums page (Care, then Species, then Fossils, then Community, then Partners)
  • moved Ceph Care Ethics to Ceph Care forum category
  • moved Nautilus to become a sub-forum of Exotics & Rare Species
  • moved Education & Employment and Jana's Corner to become sub-forums under Culture
  • moved Cephalopod Fact Check to become a sub-forum under Physiology & Biology
  • made Ceph News Feeds a sub-forum under Octopus' Den
  • made Marine Conservation a sub-forum under Octopus' Den
  • moved Culture to the Our Community category
  • moved ID Requests to the Ceph Species category, and added a link to that forum from the Ceph Care category (i.e., it can be found in both places)
  • moved Physiology & Biology, Behavior & Intelligence and Diving & Ceph Encounters to the Cephalopod Species category
  • removed the Cephalopod Main category
  • moved Marketplace from Octopus' Den to Culture
  • shrunk the size of the forum icons.


  • added an "Albums" tab. The Gallery is for public-facing photos for all to see, and Albums can be viewed / browsed by members-only.
  • added random Album images to the homepage
  • updated the format for the Album pictures showing up at the bottom of the forum home page

About Us:

  • added an About Us tab
  • updated formatting / cleaned up the Meet the Staff page
  • added a notice which displays to Senior Members reminding them to consider becoming a Supporter


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Nov 20, 2002
Congratulations on twelve great years! Thanks for making this possible, Tony!

I like the changes, especially the Activity Stream.


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