Tom & Jerry!


Blue Ring
May 13, 2003
Well, as requested, i decided to try and take a picture of my little buddies.

so far in the 1.5 days since tom's arrival, tom has eaten a hermit and jerry a fiddler. this seems a really good sign to me. it also seems that neither of them has much fear of me. even the little one is eating that fiddler right at the front of the glass.
Nice clear pics steve! cool

can i make a suggestion?

Under the circumstances i would scatter the bottom of your tank with small shells and lengths of plastic 3/4" pipes and stuff like that. I think that it would provide more spaces for territory and increase the likelyhood of sucess with two octos in one tank. Just an idea :)
good idea colin, actually i'm going to be putting some more lava rocks into the tank next week. i'm thinking of stacking them on top of a small unglued pvc maze for them to play in. (unglued for cleaning)
How cute!!!! They really are babies!!! I have alot of shells in my tank! Ink used to sleep in one but has gotten too big!

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