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Thomas Update + Places to buy octos!


Mar 19, 2005
Hi all,

Just wanted to give a quick update!

First, Thomas is still doing well. I got him back in May 25, 2005. Jim and I estimated he was about 3 months old (Jim didn't have any babies available back then so he let me have one of the young brood stock).

Quick summary:
30 gallon tall acrylic aquarium
Eclipse system 2 hood
Berlin 60 protein skimmer
30+ lbs live rock
4 snails
Hair algae, a couple bubble algae, coraline algae, I have everything! I leave it that way because it just looks more natural, like something you'd see in a tidepool. He seems to like it.

Thomas' diet consists of live hermit crabs (only every so often), and frozen raw shrimp.

These pics were taken about 5 min ago!

Thomas, sensing he is about to be fed :grin:

(more pics next post + places to buy octos!)
Thomas, climbing all the way OUT of the tank just now, a little too excited over the camera and the white shrimp I am feeding him (my whole left hand is under his web by the way, you just can't see it. The white blurry thing to his right is a piece of shrimp):mrgreen:

Thomas, having successfully stolen the shrimp from me, slinks back to his den. Notice his big wide eye staring at me and the camera ("hmmn, what is that silver thing???", he must be thinking :wink2: )

Ok now places to buy octos!

Marine Depot has 2 left right now!:
http://www.marinedepotlive.com/gensym-1.html - $56

Tampa Bay Saltwater has dwarf octos for $19.95, Vulgaris for $80:

Long arm labs! Don't know if they still sell them, web site looks a little old. But who knows! Check it out:

Gulf Specimens! Dwarf Octos for $28.75:

Tom's Carribbean Tropicals! Octopus briareus - $30
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Thanks for posting these wonderful pics of Thomas, who seems to be a happy octopus!

How large is Thomas (mantle, arms)?

I like the natural look of his home, too.

Nancy said:
Thanks for posting these wonderful pics of Thomas, who seems to be a happy octopus!

How large is Thomas (mantle, arms)?

I like the natural look of his home, too.


You know, I have never been good at guesstimating my octos' dimensions!

Next time he comes out, I'll take a shot of him next to my hand, or a pen, or something, for reference!

If I had to take a guess, his mantle is 6-7 inches? Really guessing here though. Arm length maybe 8-9 inches?

Here's another pic taken tonight when I fed him, didn't post it originally because it's a little blurry. He's more spread out here though:


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