The Once-ler

You'v already done better than most (I think the highest number of days posted over the last 2+ years is 7 days maybe (the keeper was not sure if there were any still alive on the 7th day). I don't know how many tried fresh hatch brine because brine is so often eliminated (I know Roy uses it, now with other things) but I think they need swimming, visible food (if my Tiger pods get here, I am going to feed them only cyclop-eze since it will color them red - not the best color for octos but I am hoping the solid color will make them more visible). I also ordered a small bottle of Rotifeast in the sampler pack Reef Nutrition offers so I hope to thow in the kitchen sink. The wild pods I am trying to culture are still not in numbers that I can collect but I will swap small pieces of LR and lettuce algae in and out in hopes that I am adding food for any that crawl. I have not been to the pet store yet to see if I can find your bubble rope for the round tank so it still has a center flow. One of your keys to this much success may be the multiple feedings (another thing I am not sure how many people have been able to do). I am thinking about asking a neighbor to come mid-day to add food :grin:.

The telling time for seahorses is 5 weeks (the time when more of the remaining survive than die). I am hoping Roy or Thales can give a suggestion for octos even if it is for the large egged species. Hopefully they might also suggest how to determine when to add larger food.

I still cannot find Serendipity so if it turns out there are no hatchlings, at least I will have had a dry run and can draw from your successes (and partially avoid a few of the known problems - be sure to post what you would do differently on sealing the center chamber on the kressel).

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