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The Great Ghost Shrimp

Aug 15, 2005
just an obseveration, i bought some freshwater ghost shrimp for my cuttle. well on got out in my main tank. this was about a week ago. i just saw it today in my rocks. i guess this is a stupid question to ask, but do ghost shrimp go between freesh and salt. or is this just some super ghost shrimp
i bought them from petsmart after i ran out of norm food. its still alive in my tank, i see it at night. i did some research, and the vulgairs shrimp can go all the way from fresh to salt. so maby that is what is what it is.
ghoast and grass shrimp do look kind a similer. though the grass ones do have more of a slight grayish hue to them. though it is possible that petsmart had misslabled them. it wouldnt be the first time a petstore had misslabled something. if its a grass shrimp and your octo dosent get em than he will probably set up perminent residence in your tank.
yea it does have a very grayish tent along with black lines all over it. it didnt turn this coloration until it was in my tank for a good two or three days. i went and bought more last night, and but them in a net breeder in my other saltwater tank, and two died but the other ten seem to be doing fine.

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