The FlyGuy - interactive game with a few cephalopods


O. vulgaris
Aug 30, 2004
Here's a neat little interactive thing I found on the net that's somewhat surreal.

Use the arrow keys to move Trevor in any direction. Holding down the shift key speeds things up. When he gets up far enough, he finds himself with some sealife.

It's not super accurate, but it is fun. :mrgreen:

To see the FlyGuy, clicl here :smile:

Hey Jean, glad you liked the Teletubbies :smile:

Hi Octo, I told you it was surreal. Strange yes, but I don't think anyone whose brain was turned into mush by drugs would be able to put something like that together, it's not as easy as it looks. :P

The guy had too much free time or something? Took me quite awhile to find the cephs ( they're at the very top) only to be grabbed by one. Looks squidish...
It's not that accurate. The smaller ceph has 5 arms (pentapus?), so it's either a new species, or it played with scissors as a child. :mrgreen:


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