The Fiddler Crab Guys


Blue Ring
Jun 13, 2007
Hello everyone! We at TarBay would like to introduce ourselves more formally to all who visit the TONMO site. We are a grassroots research center located on private acreage in Dorchester County MD. We have many natural resources to pay attention to, but our #1 guest is in the Genus Uca and is the Fiddler Crab. We have many crabs that we would like to offer the ceph community to purchase and use for feeding your octopi the best in wild crustaceans. We hand pick our crabs from the marsh muds during low tides and ship them priority to your door. Our crabs range in size from medium to big and are raised in the wild.

Myself, Chad Smith and my partner, Phil Green would like to extend our invite to you personally, to visit our web site at

Here you can find information on our location and the different programs we have going on. We look forward to hearing from and serving you. Let us be your fiddler crab guys!

Thanks for welcoming TarBay to the TONMO community and we would love to hear stories of how our crabs get eaten!

Chad Smith Phil Green
UBG Action Media
TarBay Hunt Club, Inc
I've been to your site before - fiddler crabs seem to be a sideline for your research center. People should note that these are not available all year long (through September) and that you need to buy a fair quantity.

I'd like to ask how big your fiddlers are? Are they mixed sizes? Could you ship larger ones or smaller ones?

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