The End is Near for Ossie


Mar 14, 2006
Ossie was out of her den this morning when we woke up. I looked inside her den and was amazed that I could see through it. Of course, dense me thought she had already died, and was lying flat inside her rock and that was why we could peer into it.

W. came over and immediately spotted her on the other side of the tank.

She's pale and looks shrunken. Her tentacles are all curled at the ends, but she's breathing deeply and looks well. She was just out and about, I guess for one of her last strolls.

I almost called in sick to work, to stay and photograph and just be with her, but then I remembered my boss was coming in today. :sad:

I know the end is near. I just hope I'm home to be with her when she dies.
:sad: You have done an incredible job of doing whatever it takes to make sure that she has a happy home and loving family...
Well, Ossie died this afternoon. When W. came home, she was still hanging out under the pump but had shrunk to half her size. Two hours later, W. found Ossie upside down and already a bristle worm was starting in on her.

She called me and we took Ossie out to the Bay.

We both agree that Ossie was the most amazing and fantabulous pet we've ever owned and that we were blessed both by her and this community.

Many thanks goes out to all of you who helped us out with being newbies at raising octopuses. Nancy and Cuttlegirl, a special thanks to you two for your encouragements and your advice. And Tony, many many thanks for hosting this site and our photos/film.

I look forward to meeting some of you in person in September for the mini-tonmocon here in the Bay Area.

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