temperature question

Apr 12, 2008
im thinking a bimac for my 55 gal is the way to go, but ive been told that i need a chiller, and at age 17, with only a part-time job, a $500 chiller just seems insane. i live in new york and my basement in my house where the tank will be is always cold. ive done some surveying and found that if i just let the tank be, (no heater or chiller) the tank stays somewhere below 65 degrees. (this is all year round by the way, summer and winter.) if i were to put in a programmable heater, and set it to a low temp, do you think this would work?


Haliphron Atlanticus
Staff member
Mar 17, 2003
Probably. However, stability is key. The biggest concern is that one time when it is 102 for three straight days and the basement goes to 80. If you are home, even this can be dealt with using frozen containers of ice and careful monitoring of temperature, but you would be taking a risk. I keep my bimacs at 60, but others find that they can do well up to 70 F.


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