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Tank Turnover for Bimac


Pygmy Octopus
Nov 16, 2006
Having a reef, I'm used to 35x turnover for corals. I know octos don't need as much, but what is acceptable? 12x? 10x?

I need to know so I can get a pump for the wet-dry I'm building [manufactured ones are cheap and innefficient for the amount of space they take up]

You only need enough flow so there's not dead spots in the tank. On my 75 I have about 350 gph after head loss. I'm tempted to upgrade a bit to keep a little more detritus entrained so it makes it to the filter sock and not the tank floor.

I am doing 9-10x, but most people do less. The big thing is oxygen (skimmer + wet/dry do fine) in the water and the amount of bio-waste the filter can process.

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