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Tank Tear Down: Long Beach, CA


Jul 15, 2007
Hey folks...

I have to tear down my tank as I will be moving and with full time school and work, I won't have enough time to maintain a tank. Plus I think I may have gotten in over my head!! So, I'm selling as much as I can. I would also post on reefcentral but dont have the require 50 posts....

I have $400 worth of Vatanatu (sp?) live rock purchased from Circle Pet here in Long Beach. Plenty of coroline algae and holes, etc. Tank was readying Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 0. I am willing to sell it all for $200.

I have an brandnew (1 month old) EV-180 skimmer purchased for $280, willing to sell for $200 or $250 with a mag 9 pump and ball valve...

2 mag 9 pumps (one brandnew that could be sold with the skimmer, the other a year old) for $30 each

Black tank canopy top with PC 10k light fixture, originally $139 ($89 for light), selling for $125... The stand was $179 but has some water damage and I hope its just the trim slightly splitting, but I'll sell it for $100 too. I think it just needs to dry.

The tank is 50 gal acrylic that I cut a slot in the back and attached an external overflow that has 2 one inch bulkheads. It works perfect, but its obviously a custom job, not bad for a DIY... I have 2 return entering from the top. This tank is basically 2 steps away from being octo proof, you just need to seal the openings on the top surface of the tank, not hard at all. Tank was $159. Sell it for $100...

Anyway, I'm dont really know how to sell this stuff and dont want to kill any live rock or throw anything away...

Please email me at [email protected] if interested...

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