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Tank Specs for bimac

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Tank is 60 Gallon, 48×24
Filtration runs Bio media, Carbon, and Filter floss.
Filtration turns the tank over 5.5 Times per Hour. With Protein skimmer And power heads Octopus safe currents. I have kept a few Octopus in this one. But They usually end up Staying small so I transfer Them to one of My other Tanks.
Occupants are some soft Octopus friendly Corals.
Gorgonians, Clove, and Mushroom. I keep a couple Fish in there to keep a Bioload but move Them To other Tanks when an Octopus enters.
Clean up crew consists of Hermits, Snails, and Starfish/Brittle Star.
Water parameters keep perfect


Deleted member 14033

Give Me a little while and I will make the purchase. I was inquiring now

Deleted member 14033

Do You plan on getting more by any chance? Just in case I miss out


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Sep 4, 2006
Tank sounds good but what are your temperature ranges? A bimac needs a tank that is kept below 70 degrees (low 60's preferred but can tolerate high 60's with occasional low 70's).