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Aug 1, 2007
CAD 1835-pro

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39G Professional Series aquarium

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Nano-reef tank

This new addition to our aquarium systems is specifically designed for the professional reef keeper. It is built with an internal center “reef ready” overflow box, giving these tanks two main goals: combining the nano reef display with the compatibility of using all external filtration systems. The Professional package complete is designed to be a complete Nano-reef system yet modeled as a full custom-made aquarium set-up with all the components installed in the cabinet for a true professional reef system. This comes included with our Signature series equipment package with our latest in HQI lighting design, High volume 100G True Pin-wheel high-volume protein skimmers, UV sterilizer, cooling fan, Mag-Drive 500GPH pump and all of the Cadlights Signature equipment that you are accustomed to seeing. It is the perfect package for the master DIYers and advanced reef hobbyists who want the most out of their reef-keeping experience.

Each one of these packages are installed here with pre-cut tubing, fittings, standpipes and all plumbing work prior to shipping.
The new 39 gallon tank now has a larger footprint, making more space for filtration and the display area. This new tank has more customized high end features, much like the previous model. Our goal was continuing to streamline our seamless design, while enhancing other features. The tank offers our Signature furniture style, mitered edges and extra thick glass, measuring 8mm thickness, all of which are above industry standards.


* TANK DIMENSIONS: (L)24" x (W)20" x (H)20".
*Cadlights Pro 9.5G refugium sump (does not include refugium substrate).
*Mag-Drive 500GPH pump.
*Cell-cast acrylic “reef ready” overflow box with PVC standpipes, bulk-head fittings.
*Drain line and return lines.
*150w 14,000k with 2 x 24w Actinics supplements
* (2) ) LED-HO 2 watt moonlights.
*Black adhesive Vinyl background
* Tank mounts and ceiling mounting kit included.
* PC light strip for refugium.
* Signature Polished and mitred edges with Extra thick 8mm thick glass.
* Seamless curved front panel.
* Professional HQI, T5HO, LED-HO lighting system featuring our internal ballast technology.
* separate circuits and switches for complete automatic and manual control for each T5 bulb, LED-HO system and Halide lights. Easily compatible with all kinds of timers.
*100G Professional pin-wheel protein skimmer.
*6W Drop-in Ultra violet sterilizer.
*70G cooling unit.
*Glass Canopy comes standard.

is this agood tank for hatching and raising a few sepia bandensis in a reef tank with non stinging coral and tridacnid clams