Tank mates

Sep 26, 2018
Hey evereryone I just had a observation I wanted to share and get your opinions on. I know everyone says no other fish because the octopus will eventually kill them and I have read the artical about the old dude in Florida(I think) that lost all his nice fish one by one(fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me comes to mind here) I think he had a Caribbean two spot I'm pretty sure I have a Abdopus aculeatus and he is fairly small looks to be about the size of a golf ball when balled up but that's through the glass so you have to subtract 25% of that. I bought my tank second hand so I could get a octopus right away, it came with two extremely aggressive clowns a damsel and blenny. My octopus seams to enjoy them on all fronts he gets tail slapped all the time by the clowns. He will swim off and come back and try to sneak up on them from a different angle. It appears he enjoys trying to trick them and get close to them without them knowing it's very fun to watch and he constantly is morphing and moving about toying with them. If he was in distress I would think he would just hide more right? I am convinced he can not hurt these fish and I think he enjoys them. Does anyone have any info on Abdopus aculeatus specifically with other tank mates I'm sure like most anything we can't paint them all with the same brush. I don't care about any of the fish he is my only concern.


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Sep 4, 2006
I need to spend the time to collect all the posts I have made about why I strongly recommend a, NO FISH environment for octopuses in captivity. Basically, the fish will pester the octopus until it kills them or the octo simply hides and fails to eat.