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Mar 2, 2005
I just went to PetSmart here are all the things I think I need for the basic tank set up..Tank Protein Skimmer Filter etc. Can you please tell me if I'm missing something (This obviously does not include the actual things for inside the tank Live Rock Sand Etc.)

28G tank (I'm gonna get a dwarf bimac don't worry) 79.99
Power Filter (I believe made by penguin) 74.99

Protein Skimmer (Didn't have much of a selection anything I should know about this..Does it matter who makes it any recommendations etc.)

Water Pump (Does it matter what size it is where it is placed in the tank etc?)39.99


Heater (Questionable)

Nitrone Testers

Bubble Walls/Airline Tubing/Air Pump

Hosing to take water out of tank (Called Clean And Fill)

Ummm what am I forgetting? Also is it better to have a filter that's under the sand? Or should I get a filter under the sand and on the side?What kind of filter is best?

Any information you guys can give me would be GREATLY appreciated!!

First of all, I'd advise you and all others who are considering starting a saltwater aquarium to visit an aquarium store that sells a lot of salt water livestock and equipment. Just have a look at their aquariums, equiment, ask lots of questions. Pet Smart is not really set up for that.

Also, a bimac is not a dwarf, and although there are dwarf octos, they are difficult to find right now.

It will take you about three months for your tank to cycle and be set up will for an octo, so take your time, these are important decisions.

I'm going to start a thread in this forum about protein skimmers - which ones people like or don't like and why.

You'll also need test kits for nitrate, nitrite and ammonia, and a way to measure the salinity and the pH.

Nancy is quite correct...you may pay a little more at a local saltwater store, but the info is priceless...as is the support !
Many stores will help you test your water, recommend a good product (one that they have used themselves, not what corporate headquarters sent them), and be there to back it up.
The tanks are typically more expensive at your local fish store (lfs), but the glass is also usually of thicker, and better, quality, and the caulking is far superior...I would not buy a tank from Petsmart to hold water (for reptiles, they are fine).

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