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Suitable cephalopods


Mar 19, 2003
Having kept Sepia officinalis (cuttlefish) several times, one problem is that they grow relatively large, and if they are hatched from eggs there may be several!
I was wondering if any other species would adapt to aquarium life (e.g. smaller Sepia or even some of the more sedentary squid?).
Would there be a source for these - perhaps eggs would travel round the globe better than animals?
I anticipate that feeding the young will need more preparation for small species.
Hi mike
This summer i am hoping to lay my hands on Sepiola and Rossia from the West Coast... Im sure that they will be fine in much smaller confines than an .officinals

See if any of your local guys can get them like the cuttlefish (then tell me :smile: )

aquiring cuttlefish

My system so far has been :--
Wait until a nice summer storm has run up the (English) Channel - preferably on a long (spring) tide.
Drive down early in the morning as the tide is ebbing.
Look for a small quantity of stranded eggs on the beach (they don't float like some of the weed so are usually far below the strand line if fresh)
Collect any other interesting weed/creatures from rockpools.
Sleep/swim when the tide comes in, meanwhile trying to keep livestock cool!
Have another look in pools at the evening tide (much less to be found!)
Drive home & sort material into suitable salt water.
(Cuttlefish have appeared at anytime from first sorting to months later!)
Hunt round local aquarium shops for the smallest live 'river' shrimps to keep them alive after they hatch.

Crude but suprisingly effective, but not likely to meet any other cephalopods (although I did find a small dead squid 2 years ago)
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