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Stumpy isnt eating


Mar 2, 2005

We have had Stumpy now for about 4 months. He was on an eating cycle of every 2-3 days and would come out of his den at dinner time to be hand fed. He has stopped this and rarely comes out and dosent seem to be interested. He hasnt had a meal for 1.5 weeks.....we have even thrown in a piece of food and left it overnight and he just leaves it....he was eating frozen food....does anyone have any suggestions? I am getting concerned about him


we were actually giving that some thought....we will locate some crabs (a trip to the beach will be in order) and we will give it a go

Have you checked your water quality? Sounds like she may have eggs. Ink had laid eggs but continued to eat during and after the eggs disapeared. Had to be a good 2 months. She only laid a small cluster. If you look under Ceph care there's a pic of her eggs in her story.
Also, if she has laid eggs, she may or may not accept food. However, she won't come out to get any food - you must make sure it's delivered right to her. I used a feeding stick (two wooden skewer sticks tied with nylon fishing cord) to feed pieces of shrimp. It's worth trying.

Thank you everyone

I have tried the food on a stick - and she touched it but wouldnt take it, we put live food in and she didnt touch that either. I read Ink's story and we now beleive that we can see eggs....which is so sad...we have become so attached to her...

Sorry to hear the news, it's sad.

Don't give up on her. Ollie got some of her old self back after about a month. It would be good if she would eat, though. Keep trying with the food from time to time.

thanks Nancy

We havent given up hope at all.....last night infact she seemed to go back to her old self.....I had gotten my camera out to take a few more pics of her - and she saw this and started posing around the tank (which is what she used to do).....definately put a smile on my face....just will miss her - she has been a pleasure to own

thank you again everyone

Last night when we arrived home from work, Stumpy had died and is now in Octopus heaven.... I am terribly sad and teary and miss her so much.

We can see the egg mass - and will keep an eye on it over coming days

mandy :cry:

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