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Sep 25, 2004
Heres an intresting story for ya!
When my dad was a kid he lived on catalina. And back then (they might still do it now) the toilets were full of saltwater! So he and his brothers Uncle Steve, and Uncle Stewart (RIP :angel:) cought a small giant pacific octo, and brought it home and put it in a tank less than 75 gallons (I think) for quite a while. They did this by taking saltwater from the toilets and puting it in the tank every now and then. How convinient! :P But one night it crawled out of the tank and into their moms bed (RIP also :angel:) And well they had to let it go! lol :P .

are you sure that your dad is not exaggerating a bit?

When I got my first octo Ollie, some of my relatives expressed the fear that she would get out and crawl into our bed. Actually, I would have minded much more that she got out than that she climbed into the bed, where I would have discovered her.

I thought all this about octos climbing into peoples' beds was just legend.

Octomush said:
Well makes for a good laugh anyway! And is it possible that a giant pacific octo could behave differently?

What did you mean when you said R.I.P also? Like...the octopus crawled into the bed and dyed...or the octopus killed the woman? lol...the first one makes sense cuz they giant octos cant really survive out of water less than 15 minutes...
And how big exactly was this octopus?? Your talking less than a 75 gallon tank for a giant octopus!!! the octopus must have been uncomfortable. They need at least 150 gallon one or They need a lot of space.
By RIP I meant thet the person was dead u moron! And I asked my dad the same things and he said it was a pretty ok sized....
Omush...enough with the personal comments. It was a fairly odd story, and kind of hard to interprete...must have been one heck of a scene though...!!!!!
cthulhu77 said:
Omush...enough with the personal comments. It was a fairly odd story, and kind of hard to interprete...must have been one heck of a scene though...!!!!!

Octomush, im sorry but I don't really like you that much anymore. You always have some personal comment or bad opinion about everything somebody says that you dont like. You act immature sometimes, and you make a topic about every single thing that goes on in your life relating to octopuses. Every single thing. And if we, or especially me...if I ask a question you dont like...or your not fond of, you just simply curse or call me a moron? Mabye it makes sense your really 13 years old. Stop the immaturity, and stop making bad comments about things you dont like...because your gonna have to deal with it wether you like it or not. People are going to ask questions you dont like, and its better to not get fussy about it.
I simply asked you wether the octopus died, or the person died. And then you call me a moron and say the person died? I also asked aout the cove and was very excited about it...but instead you got another temper and said you wouldnt post the pics if everyone wouldn't stop asking. And then you start cursing in symbols when I asked what supplies or had for your tank, and how old you were...and you got riled up again. Im really getting tired of your attitude. And no, this post isn't something to argue about, sorry if it breaks the rules in the forum...but this is just my opinion, and after this im saying no more. Im just saying grow up, and respect others questions, opinions, and comments.

But as for this topic...I just cant even VISION this so-called giant SMALL octopus...just a QUESTION octomush. Im gonna ask you a question right now, even though I already know you will probably get offended and curse me off or say something bad but oh well..
How can a giant octopus be a small giant octopus? They call a giant octopus a giant octopus because they are fairly larger than the normal sized ones. Do you know specificlly how big it was?
And just my thoughts...I honestly, honestly cant vision or even believe that this "small giant octopus" crawled out of its tank...climbed onto the womans bed, and killed her...literally killed the woman.
I CAN vision the octopus climbing out of its tank, and crawling on the bed...thats it...But how on earth did it kill the woman? Im just curious...hopefully I dont get yelled at by octomush again.
Did the octopus bite the woman with its beak? Or what? Did it strangle her and eat her up?
Just curious. Even though all the possibility's I just said above is basically not possible...
:sleeping: Thx for he lecture pal but I really dont need people telling me how to act especially when they know nothing about me. You would be pissed too if the fishtank you had been working on for a very long time just shut down and failed. So bug off. And u know what ur right I am immature sometimes ok alot of the time, so ill take what u said into consideration. And about the part where I say everthing ceph related to my life, that would have to do with the first sentence I wrote, or maybe u are like some kind of internet stalker. And one last thing... Wow u really no respect for others feelings do u... Ill let u figure out what that one meant by urself. Later....
Oh and by the way...... :chillpil:
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