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Starting a new tank


Pygmy Octopus
May 30, 2003
Ive just purchased a 55 gallon tank and just wanted some veteran :notworth: expierience to help me have the healthiest tank possible. I just wanted general filtration/setup suggestions. Thoughts on brands of sumps, protein skimmers, and if these are in your eyes even mandatory. As of know I just have the whisper filter it came with and know from my last tank a 29 gallon that this wont cut it. I had a bimac for about 4 months in my last tank but I think It was stressed to death when I had someone watch it while I was on leave. Well now Im just rambling but any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Oh yeah and the budget is somewhat limited (so no $600 protein skimmers) seeing as the low ranking enlisted airforce gets paid what youd call...well...pathetic wages. Thanks again
ohyeah and if a sump and protein skimmer is advised, would you also advise the protein skimmer built into the sump or on the side of the tank...thanks again
Hi Squirt,

Well, you need a protein skimmer and an oversized one.

I personally think it's better to have a skimmer that sits in your sump. The less you have hanging on the side, the easier it is to make the tank escape proof. But we do have people who've successfully kept octos using hang-on skimmers.

If you read Colin's Equipment List carefully, it will take you to some links that evaluate various pieces of equipment.

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