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Starting a 90-gal Bimac Tank

Feb 24, 2005
let me first say... your on the right track for the most part and from what these people have told you. also good choice on the tank. ive got a 50 gal reef from them. just an easy tip though for an overflow drill a hole in the top back corner and get a peice of plastic rain gutter cut the gutter in half long ways and cut teeth in it. then cut a piece exact length to fit from one end of the tank to the other in the top back then silicone in... this allows optimal water flow and it doubles as a refugium if you fill it up an inch or so with sand and algea. it also gives you enough room to screen off the out flow hole. works great...
Sep 16, 2005
:welcome: and I would have to agree with Dan on picking out your own live rock at the LFS. If you develop a relationship with a LFS, sometimes they will give you a deal on merchandise, even if you don't listen to their advice :razz: . When I first got live rock from my LFS, they let me pick the pieces and charged me the lowest rate. My last live rock I bought from an individual who was tearing down his tank, so I recycled his live rock :biggrin2: .
Sep 8, 2006
If you have a local aquarium society, you should join. People sell and trade their equipment and live rock, etc. and you can get some really great deals, and advice.

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