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Starter questions

Feb 25, 2003
I'm going to set-up a 37 gal for a bimac.
I'm going to drill 2 holes in it for the sump drian and return line.
I don't have my lid planed out yet, it all depends on if I break the tank while drilling.
But I have a few questions.
Should i have a DSB with a bimac-octo?
If I have a DBS, should I provide PVC tunnels for the Octo to crawl through, or will I never see it?
Do they only eat live food?
Is there any good octo books available?
What is the best lighting set-up?
Any other toys that I should look into for keeping it busy?
hi Know-it-all............

i gues you should already know this but.......

DSB are not so good with octos. they are mainly used for reducing nitrate in reef tanks. An octo will bugger it up and it is documented that they can survive in water up to 500ppm without problems.

We have more of a problem with ammonia and nitrite as they produce so much of it! So, ideally use your drilled tank to utilise a wet/dry trickle tower with sump and a really good skimmer.

They mostly eat live food, some never take dead food... Make sure you have a good source of crabs before you buy an octopus. Many people try to source food after they buy one and have many problems!

So far there are no octo husbandry books per say but most info is here on tonmo.com.

Best light is dim light. just enough to see your octo. they dont like bright lights.

make sure the tank has LOTS of caves, pipes, rocks etc etc etc and it will do much better. Snail sheels are a favourite 'toy'

Thanks Colin.
That's pretty much what I though about the DSB,
I'm not a big fan of them, but was willin gto try one.
I'm still in the planing stages so
On the standpipe for the water drain, can I use the pvc strainers the are sold with the bulkheads, or do I need something finer?
How small of a gap can I get away with on the cover of the tank?
I know more ? will come as I look into this more.

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