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Nov 20, 2002
Jess and I just got back from making a run out to Pa. They called on Thursday with another octopus in stock, claim it's a vulgaris, I know for a fact it's not a dwarf species. He's been dripping for about an hour. We relocated Eureka into a smaller tank. She must have eggs inside a lava rock as she stopped eating probably 2 weeks now. I was able to just pick up the rock with her inside and now she is living in my tank in the livingroom. Hope to have some pics of this new one soon. Not shy at all in the shop. He was sitting in an indentation in a piece of live rock, right out in the open, flashing colors at anyone who stopped to look.
Any suggestions? He's been out since I put him in the tank at 12:45AM EST. Think He caught the one tiny crab left from Eureka. He's been digging and pacing and inspecting everything with his legs. Seems to like the old cave from Ink and Inklet days but favors a corner under the bubble filter where he's been excavating. I need to go collect larger food today at low tide. His mantle is the size of a large grape. Legs have to be 5 inches. No eyespots.
Hope you don't mind me asking, but how much did they sell that Vulgaris for?

Im just excited. Can't wait till it grows up. Keep us updated, cuz again Vulgaris is my favorite. I still have my cycled 20 gallon tank, which im going to keep when I get a Vulgaris one of these days...hopefully by the end of the year and keep it in that one temporarily until it gets large enough. Im buying a much larger tank by the end of the year as well.

The Seafood Co-Op in Point Pleasant Channel drive still has my phone number, and the manager says I should call her during the late fall, and winter season because thats when they catch a more variety of seafood out in the ocean. Plus, they get Vulgaris octopuses in sometimes, but usually small which is perfect.
Congratulations on a nice looking new ceph ! Looking forward to more excellent photos.

Squiggles!! We ran to our local bait shop last night and picked up 1/2 doz green crabs. Squiggles was out, put one in and he pounced on it. Is now quietly residing in the fabricated cave with a fortress of shells being collected....but good news is he's right in the front of the tank!:smile: And he cost $50.00 plus travel time. We left here at 4:30PM and were back home by 10:30 pm. Jess and I are very happy to have an octopus that seems to want to investigate us as much as we want to watch him! Below is not a great pic, but shows you his body type. Any ideas on what he is?
Squiggles Update

I was worried as I hadn't seen Squiggles in a few days, although I noticed the resident crabs from Eureka were disapearing. Jess and I were away to Baltimore over the weekend and got to spend quite a bit of time watching the GPO put on a show! He was stretched across the front of the tank, red in color. I think he was pissed off over the people using flashes as when he finally came off the front, he took one look at my camera, and stratigically placed his arms right over his eyes. Talk about an incredibly smart animal. And I didn't even flash him. He just knew what I had in my hands. And Jess took the pics I am posting. The one she accidently forgot to shut off her flash, but luckily he was on the front of the glass.

Anyway back to Squiggles, I finally had a sighting last night and got a couple shots. I'm still not sure what he is. He has collected every large shell he can find in the tank and put them surrounding his cave. I hope this is just building his fortress and not egg laying approaching.
Oy veh! Yeah, cephs really HATE flashbulbs. Or at least that's what countless aquariums have posted around the exhibits. Great shots. I love Squiggles' gorgeous colouration! Nice purple, there.
mantle about the size of a golfball legs about 6 inches long. she laid small eggs that ended up hatching in the middle of the night (youll have to check my post to find out the gestation time..i kept eveything posted pics and all) and i was only able to recover about a dozen babies before the cardnal fish and filtration got to them. the babies were the planktonic young and they lived about 5 days... not enough food. she lived for about 2 weeks after they hatched.
also what i do with my cameras is i start out feeding the octo then taking pictures without the flash for about a week then i start using the flash still feeding first. then i start taking pictures with a flash occasionally before feeding time. eventually despite the flash the octo will associate the camera with food and it will come out every time and perform for the camera. this is how i got all those shots of ahab, kashmir and now hex

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