Squid pipe


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Mar 15, 2003
Was lucky enough to receive a small tin of Dunhill pipe tobacco from a friend across the pond (rare stuff out here!)...and of course, I could not smoke it in a regular pipe, could I ????
Luckily, I had a nice piece of fire-hardened wood available, and viola a new pipe is born! I have made a lot of octopus tobacco pipes...though I should have a squid for once! :squid:
you should barter with SOS....make a carved Cig Holder in exchange for a Squid named after you..... :smile:

quite the woodworker you are.... makes me realize how clumsy i am....
Once I get the vive...I would guess I spent about two hours on that particular pipe...not too long, it's just for me!
The clay pipes take longer to make, and there is a fair amount of time spent in drying/firing/glazing, etc...
Nice to have a squid in my collection though!
That's a great pipe, Greg. Well done!! :notworth:

You know I have a nice collection of clay pipe bowls dating from about 1580-1920, probably about fifty or so in total. I've previously had a quick study of some basic literature about them and it seems a pity that unlike fish, octopus and squid were not one of the traditional designs employed in their manufacture in the ornate late nineteenth century designs, at least not in the UK.

However, here is one I have in my collection that I have seen listed in collections as a 'Squid pipe', though judging from the design this is a misnomer. It is also known, more accurately, as a 'Dragon Pipe' or 'Bird Claw' and was a popular design from 1870-1920 in the UK.

Also here is a Victorian gentlemen, probably Charles Dickens, dated to 1870-1910 and 'Aly Sloper' a late Victorian music hall character who was an amusing drunkard!
tonmo said:
:notworth: Greg, :notworth: Phil. It must be awesome to be guests in your homes, I imagine there being conversation-pieces galore.

I've thought about opening my house as a museum and charging an entrance fee at the door, you know. Mind you, I get few enough visitors as it is.... :frown:
If you haven't yet read "Cabinet of Curiousities" by D. Preston and L. Child, do yourself a big favour and pick it up! Sounds like your house, Phil!!!
Fantastic pipes! I only have 9, none so old or distinguished...that claw one is wonderful...( :mrgreen: with envy)
I have a couple of clay pipes being prepared for firing...one is even an octopus!
What sort of clay do you use, Greg? Do you use a wooden mould, and how do you prevent the pipes from cracking?

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