Species identification


Jun 9, 2008
Hi to all,

This little squid juvenile is 5 mm long and about 3-4 days after hatching.

We collected a lot of eggs and hatched in the laboratory.

Does anyone has an idea on the species of it?:banghead:

How can identify it?

Thanks in advance

Yes, egg shape & size would be rather helpful, assuming they were deposited on the sea bed.
:welcome: to TONMO, and yeah, all the info they were asking about is good. It's good to see a Mediterranean researcher here... we don't have as many members from that area as NZ, North America, and the UK, maybe because of the language barrier.
Hate to pirate the thread, just a little, but would you wave to my folks if you see a cruise ship pass by please? They are somewhere in your neck of the woods this week :wink:

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