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something might be wrong with my octo


Aug 21, 2004
the past 2 d ays hes actually been out and crawling around.

however, i usually feed him 2 crawfish a day and among various snails ect.

and the past two days , he wont eat any crawfish i put in the tank
my parameters and everything are really good, i dont understand

He usually doesnt eat all of the crawfish.
but 3 days ago he ate one ,a nd he hate the entire thing except for the claws.
so maybe hes full

but i was on the understanding that octos dont get full for 1 day or 2 days at a time
Didn't you mention that you have snails and other food in your tank. Your octo could be eating those, too.

He needs a variety of food - try him on some shrimp and crabs, too.

Sometimes an octopus just doesn't want a particular item. My bimac ate scallop for a while, and then one day she didn't like it anymore.

ill try frozen again

illl try frozen again but she wont have anythign to do with it and i dont have anythign else besides astrea snailss and hermits
well i have tried giving him frozen sand eels , and he wont have anything to do with them

i guess ill jus tlet him sit in there and not eat.

hes got hermits but they are small and now hes getting bigger he doens tmess with them much anymores