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some questions that I have.

Apr 29, 2004
I'm getting my new octo in about 1-2 months and I've been stumped on some questions:
1. What the best species/easiest species to get?
2. what should I name it?

A. Mini Me
B. Mr. Chuc Chuc Chee(My Mom came up with that name)
C. Number II

3. I saw a Blue Ring in my local pet store(no I'm NOT tempted to buy it, way to dangerous) What should I do? :|
#1. Octopus bimaculoides, you can get it from www.octopets.com , but the octo may not make the trip, since your in Maine and Octopets is in California.

#2. I don't know, Mr. Chuc Chuc Chee is probably the most original name out of the three.

#3. Are the employees harming it in any way? I'd leave it there.

Ceph Roy said:
I'm getting my new octo in about 1-2 months

You may want to wait longer since we recommend three months for cycling the tank; unless your tank has been cycling for a while already.

Weird that a pet store would have a blue ring...they usually only order them in on a customer's request. I wouldn't worry about anyone being bitten...despite rumours to the contrary, they really aren't that aggressive.
Maybe one of the employees will take it home...?
I would certainly recommend a bimac from octopets...they have a 100% positive rating here !
Good call on the cycling...yeah, you want a tank that is perfect before putting in an octo!
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