SoCal Ceph Lover


Jul 21, 2004
Hey how's it going everyone?

I've been a "lurker" for maybe about a year now, and I am finally ready to start preparing for that half-asleep moment early in the morning when the mail guy shows up with a styrofoam box.

The reason I have been just lookin for so long is because most of the questions I would have asked have already been asked- many times over!
So I wanted to wait until I had questions that no one had asked yet, cuz I know if I were you I would rather be staring endlessly into the tank instead of answering the same Nu B Q's over and over again.

I have read and read and read some more, and I believe that I am cabable of keeping my very own pet Ceph. So I'll probably have a few Q's now and then.

Experience: My Aquatic Adventures started wayy back in the day when I
was just a single digit. I won my first goldfish at a local fair! Well years later and many visits to the local fish stores, I started my own saltwater tank- A 25gTall eclipse system. I made a few mistakes along the way but I learned so much. Now I have just finished turning that 25g into my first reef tank. I built my own sump and refigium out of a 10g tank with acrylic dividers, complete with pods and chaetomorpha macro algae.

There is just nothing like the ocean, and I can't get enough of it.

So my next project is to start an octo tank. So far I've decided that I want a 50-100g pentagon tank with built in overflows and a sump, and a baby bimac from Octopets.
As soon as I get the know how it is.
This is quite an expensive hobby, but it's worth more than the money could ever be.

PS: I would also just like to say that I am very impressed with all of the helpful and knowledgeable people here on tonmo, and without a site like this... many people would be Cephless.

Thanks Guys
Great! Welcome aboard Ocho... even though you've been here for a while... guess I should say, "Happy Delurkification"...

Keep us posted on your progress -- I'm excited for you, must be fun to be close to being a ceph owner!

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