Sleipner doing better

I'm so sorry to hear. He had a soft spot with me. I had hoped he would pull through.

I truly think sometimes being they are captive bred, the ones that have the eating issue, growth issues are the ones that truly would not survive in the wild but because we have them in a nurturing home environment, they last much longer than they would have in the wild. I think you did everything you possibly could, but he just wasn't able to survive for some reason.

RIP Sleipner.....
So sorry for your loss. RIP Sleipner :angelpus:
I had a soft spot for him too.

He just never seemed quite right and those bumps were odd, too.

But he gave it his all....glad he was more social before he passed away.


Once again I am afraid Trap is about two weeks behind. She has chozen a den now and does not come out (she moved every 2-3 days on a regular basis before this last week). I have gotten her to eat but with a lot of coaxing. We can't see the eggs but feel certain there are some. She leaves her door open most of the time but the large barnicle she now stays in doesn't provide much viewing room.

I still think it strange how they seem to have paralleled.

If there are viable eggs and she is mercatoris (vs joubini) we will have our hands full next month between hatching octos and hatching cuttles but either or both may not happen.

I am definitely trying to stay on the positive side and hope we can get a chiller next year to try a bimac. Please post if you get another from Zyan. I am keeping my fingers crossed on getting one of the "next" generation.

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