Size of a Giant Squid

Mar 8, 2006
I'm new here and I know this may sound like a stupid quistion but, what is the largest giant squid ever found? I have tried reaseaching this but keep getting different lengths. Most say 55 feet but, this site say the tenticals where streched and thats not the correct size. So can you tell me what the correct length is of the largest ever found?:confused:
Havent they only found like 1 or 2? Steve O'shea found one and its all on the website...i dunno just click all the little buttons...i had to do a project on him once and i found a ton of info like that here
Actually Steve has seen something like 125 of them now. 13m is generally the accepted reliable upper size limit, for a really big female; 10m is more likely for a large male.
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