being teuthoholics, i wouldnt be surprised if they get dragged into it..... if it hadnt been sitting around for so long id be willing to test it for ammonia....

:cthulhu: :heart: :meso: + :beer:
Nope, not heard a peep out of anyone re this globster. I'd like to see pictures of this thing, if anyone can direct me to them.
Thanks Llywelyn; looks like no piece of giant squid or octopus to me; better shots needed. Bizarre that they say it is invertebrate (and didn't look like, feel or smell like whale).
Good call on the basking shark...that is what I thought, it didn't feel right or smell right...but what about "how did it taste?" :shock:

"Shop S mart."

some of my favorite movies of all time!
At forty-feet in length, this "blob" would have to have come from a Basking shark at the upper reaches of the species' achievable size; from an animal that big, there ought to be some clearly recognizable structures left. It doesn't seem reasonable to believe that a decomposed, 40-foot Basking shark could fool any ichthyologist these days, since they tend to top the suspects list when weird carcasses are found.

Spotted next to an expired humpback whale, eh? Odd. A gray and lumpy mass, not foul-smelling, floating in close proximity to a whale. Could this stuff have been coughed-up or pooped-out of the dying humpback, ala ambergris?

That's decomposed whale skin and blubber for sure; going to be egg on a few peoples faces after this. We've had globsters just like it here.

Sad, but probably the dead mate of the other humpback.

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