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Sick :[

Jun 3, 2007
I don't know how it happened but the nitrates in my 50g jumped up pretty fast. This morning it read about 40 and my ghost shrimp were picking his tentacle apart. :\ I did two 30% water changes and brought it down to a little below 20.

This is what he looks like now :[ Still breathing, slow and heavy, but I don't think he'll make it... I just noticed that one of his tentacles is cleanly cut off. I don't know if a crab did this or if the ghost shrimp ate it.


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Ahh...poor little guy...keeping fingers crossed.....Did you check ammonia? I think nitrates can be tolereated to a certain degree...
Nitrates will not spike as quickly as ammonia or nitrite (which are much more toxic in lower dosages). I would guess that you had an ammonia spike in the past week or two, which led to a nitrite spike, and finally the increased nitrate levels. A nitrate value of 40 is not high enough to cause the conditions you are seeing so quickly. I would definitely purchase an ammonia and nitrite test kit when you can.

As long as water quality is kept pristine, the animal should recover. Clean water will help to alleviate any added stress put on and possibly limit any bacterial infection from the loss of its arm.

Good luck!

Even if you can get the ammonia down I still wouldn't be too optimistic: if animals in the tank have already started to dismember him there's a lot to recover from aside from any respiratory damage he might have from the ammonia.
Nitrates are usually fine up to 30. After that things will start getting sick or die. Hopefully he pulls through. I would take out anything that is eating/bothering him as it will just add to the stress and not help with recovery.
RIP Mimzy :angelpus:

Sorry she passed away.

Before you get another octopus, make sure that you fully cycle the tank (at least 3 months) and only then get an octopus.


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