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Shrimp Tank


Jun 7, 2004
Hey all, not sure where this should go really, so plonking it here for the mod team to move if necessary.

As some of you will know, I collect my own llive shrimp for my cuttles, and progressively, i'm getting tired of performing a water change every 2 days on them.

My good ol pops has offered to make me a tank to set them up in, and i'm liking the idea.

First off - does anyone have a tank set up specifically for their live shrimps/crabs etc.

If not, can anyone make some suggestions as to set up.

I'm thinking about a 2 foot tank, maybe only ran with an old skimmer i have, to see if that will hold with weekly water changes. UGF is always a cheap option, but again, a bit of a hassle.

I'm not planning on heating the tank at all (rather the opposite actually), so do you think I could get a bed on nitrifying bacteria going at outside temps? The skimmer i'm thinking of is an AM bio flotor, so has is a skimmer, with combined bio wheel for bacterial to colonise.

Bottom, line, I want to keep it simple and managable, but sustainable for the shrimps.

ANY help apprecited.

I have a 15 long tank set up in my kitchen, with crushed coral and a Aquaclear 400 and that's it! The crabs, shrimp snails and whatever else we happen to catch, does great and I admit, my last waterchange was probably about 6 weeks ago when I realized my filter was leaking. Other than an emergency fix, my feeder tank is lucky if it gets a waterchange every 3 months or more.

Even knowing I am still very new to the site maybe I can drop my :twocents:.
I just ordered an Eclipse System 6 from petsolutions for 40 bucks. They come in different sizes but I didn't want to take up too much room in my tiny place. I have used the eclipse systems before and they are really nice all in one tank. Remeber bigger is better but I have easy access to octo food so I don't need to keep too much on hand.
The nice thing about the eclipse is you can put your octo in it too! :lol:

Have you thought about integrating the feeder tank into your existing water system like a refugium? I was considering plumbing a small (1/4 - 1/2"?) secondary line from my overflow into a 10g, which would be drilled for an overflow into my sump. I don't have room for it underneath the tank, I'd have to have it on a table next to it.

I was gunna use part of my sump but get the impression the water quality will go well down hill if i start this since the crabs etc are a messy bunch :confused:

confused I is
i am halfway through setting up my refugium plumbed into the main tank - it will house about 6 seahorses, and so i can dump all my soldier crabs and shrimp and feeder fish in there without having to worry about too much pollution - but we'll see...

good luck - fuges are very cool!
food tank

I have a 20gallon long tank that overflows into the same sump as the main tank. it sits on a two shelf tank rack with the sump right underneath it....they sit in a room on the other side of the wall from the main tank.....the output of the pump has a T in it to send water to both tanks........
but don't you think it would be cool to set up a shrimp tank or crab tank that was also like a display in itself! this is what i am trying to achieve anyway!
very nice! are there any pictures on the net? i havent finished mine yet but im thinking it will be big (3' or 4') as a fuge and seahorse tank... ahhh the joys of having a job which pays double on sunday and living with parents...lol
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