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Should I convert my 29 for bandesis?


Feb 9, 2008
So Im thinking since my green spotted puffer died, and only 2 leaf fish are in my 29...I could move them to my planted 55 and turn this tank into a cuttle tank!

I would definitely go with S. bandensis, and I have an emperor 400 filter on it now with regular fluroescent lighting. By just adding a protein skimmer and some live rock and allowing new bacteria to build in it, would this be a good setup for one cuttle? Also should I remove the gravel and add sand, Im definitely more inclined to do that...but has anyone ever done a cuttle tank with gravel?

Any input on this conversion and if it is worthwhile please let me know.
Forgot to add I could add one nice sized rock from my octos well established tank and some sand from there also to help the seeding process.