[Octopus]: Shelby - O. Hummelincki

He has "back scratcher" down pretty well :biggrin2:

Shelby shows another oddity that none of my others have expressed. He does not like the dogs. He will come to his interaction corner and bob like he wants attention but if the dogs come into the room, he retreats to his rocks (not hiding, just leaving our corner) until the dog/dogs leave. All the other octos I have kept decide early on that they cannot bother them (or just don't notice them - unlikely, the dogs are not small). This has made me think Shelby is a bit paranoid or less intelligent than others of same and different species BUT he noticed and took an interest in small humans, something I have never seen before (albeit, not many have been exposed to kids in recent years).
Awesome write up! I really enjoy your videos. It's pretty funny,I also have a Caribbean two spot, and they seem to share quite a few characteristics. I got mine the day before thanksgiving. I guess they're coming back around again. I have a few photos in the introduction forum, if you'd care to take a look to compare and contrast. Look forward to hearing from you.
Thanks and it will definitely be fun to compare personality notes. Shelby is aging but still eating so I am hoping he will be with me for awhile yet. I fed him a newly shed crawfish tonight for his live food. Need to get more crabs but my supplier won't be out collecting until after the holidays.
Stick Feeding
Not my best video (or cleanest tank :rolleyes: ) and I missed a great sequence last week but here is Shelby taking a thawed shrimp from a stick. Other hummelinckis have seemed to prefer hand feeding but Shelby wants nothing to do with taking his food from my hand. He will come up to my finger on some days and others ignore attempts to interact. I can usually tell the days he wants attention because he will come to this corner when he sees me. I suspect those days coincide with timing to shed sucker pads but he will also rub the front of his head on my finger (scratching an itch?).

A few seconds after the video, no sign of the shrimp but it takes him quite awhile (15 min or more) to actually make it "disappear"
June 10 - Jan 20 (7 Months)
Shelby died in the early hours this AM. He was not out all day on the 19th (but a flashlight check showed him alive). I told Neal I was afraid this was the end since he has consistently come out to the front for dinner. His eating had slowed in quantity over the last two weeks but he still ate something daily. I noticed something large and white at the front of the tank at about 1:00 AM and found what I feared.

I love hummelincki and miss mine so much, going to keep an eye on East Coast suppliers for them. The cocentric black /blue/orange circles are giveaway (Much like Bimac on the west coast)

RIP Shelby

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