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Shark amnesty in the UK

Apr 3, 2003
Colin, your plants sound lovely and we haven't even heard about the carnivorous ones! Now that we know about your collection, we'll call you Nero Wolfe.

Phalaenopsis, for others, are the orchids you are most likely to have seen, many have large flowers that look almost like a spray of butterflies. White, pink and purple blooms are common. Paphiopedilum (lady's slippers) are neat, too. I haven't tried to keep them.

My neighbors didn't realize that their dendrobium would flower again and tossed it. I took it in and had four of them from that plant, until I made the mistake of going away to Scotland last year. The orchids didn't get enough attention and died while I was away. I had a variety for a few years but leaving town is fatal to my plants. I cannot have an octo for just this reason. :frown:


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